If you are looking for eBooks

  • Type in the author, title, keyword, etc., you want to search for and click “Go.” 
    1. You will get a full list of the matching resources in the UBC library. If the list includes articles and books, you can narrow it by clicking on “Book / eBook” under “content type.” 
    2. To focus only on electronic/online books, you need to further refine your search. On the left hand column, find and open the section called “Library location,” then click on Location: Online. Click this, and the list will narrow to those books that can be read online. (Note that you can also filter searches by language if desired.)
  • Once you find the online book you want ...
    1. Click on the book title to bring up the card catalogue information. On this page there will be links that allow you to access the book online. 
    2. If you are off-campus, you may see an orange “Online Access” button. When you click it, you may be prompted for your CWL login, then you will be directed to the page where you can access the eBook. 
    3. If you are on-campus, the system may send you directly to the access page.
    4. As with our Carey EBSCO eBook Collection, you can read the book online. You may also have the option of downloading it using an electronic “check out,” usually for a limited number of days. 


If you are looking for periodical databases and electronic journals

  • Start at the UBC library home page. Search the “Indexes & Databases” tab for EBSCO
    1. This will take you to the “Search Results” page. 
    2. Click on the EBSCOhost Databases link (this should be at or near the top of the results). 
    3. EBSCO provides a large number of databases on different subject areas. So, to get access to the most important theological and biblical studies materials …
  • On the “Choose Databases” page, scroll down to “ATLA Religion Database with ATLA Serials.”
    1. ATLA is the “American Theological Library Association.” This is the most important periodical database for theological research.  If you click on this link, you will get to the ATLA database which connects you to key online full-text journals for seminary research.
    2. (If you want to search more broadly, you can flag ATLA and also other databases in the list, and then EBSCO will search through all these sources. The most frequently used additional database is the first one, “Academic Search Complete.”) 
  • Now you can use the EBSCO interface to search journals: by author, title, topic, keyword …
    1. The ATLA Serials are mostly available for you to read online as full-text electronic resources. 
    2. As with EBSCO eBooks, you can refine your search using tools on the search/results page. You also have the option of searching for articles in a variety of languages.


We encourage students to explore the library and other resource options that are available in your area, especially if you are near a university or seminary. The world of open-access online resources is also expanding rapidly, though it needs to be sifted carefully and wisely. (Which, of course, is another reason to take full advantage of seminars on theological research and writing!)