Through our partnership with UBC, Carey students are able to access online library resources through their CWL login. You will need to create an affiliation to your CWL, which can be done by following this guide.

  1. Begin by going to the website and login using your CWL name and password.
  2. Once you have logged in, find the button on the left hand tab that says “Add Affiliation”.
  3. Your account should note that "you currently hold the following affiliations: N/A". From the Drop down list under “New Affiliation Type” find “Affiliate Student Number”
  4. Your affiliate student number is your UBC Student number which can be found on Populi under "info" on your profile, and your password (which is standard for all Carey students) should be 790101. Once you have entered in this information, click “Add”. Note: You may need to wait for a minute or two. Do not navigate away from page while it is working. You should receive a notification once the affiliation has been added.
  5. Once the process has been completed you should now see under “View/Update Login Details” an Affiliation.
  6. You can now logout from your CWL account. You can check your library access by navigating to
    Be sure to use the "OpenAthens Login" to access library resources online rather than the "My Library Account Login" as this will result in an error.
  7. To log in with your CWL, click on the button that says "CWL Login". You will either be required to enter your CWL login credentials, or if you are already logged in to your CWL, it will automatically take you back to the library home page.