A CWL (Campus-Wide Login) is a free UBC account you will need to create to be able to access the UBC Library.

  1. Begin by going to https://activate.id.ubc.ca/iamweb/ and clicking “Create New CWL

  2. Enter your name and email. For “CWL Login Name” you will need to create your own name (typically first initial and last name e.g., John Smith would be jsmith). Then click next.

    If the login name you are attempting to use is already take, the system may recommend another login, or you may create a different one yourself.

  3. On the next screen select “Basic Account”, enter your address and date of birth. A few notes:
    1. If you use any abbreviations in your address (e.g., st. instead of street) you may get a “enter valid address” message. If you still receive this message, you can enter Carey's address (5920 Iona Street).
    2. Do not choose "student" or "Affiliate Student" account as it will ask your for a student number and password which you do not currently have.

  4. Create a password, security questions, and create the account. You will then need to respond to the activation email sent to your email account within 72 hours, or it will expire. If you do not see the activation email right away you can request another, or check your spam folder as some email services might see the activation email as spam.
  5. Once you have activated your account, go to canvas.ubc.ca. You will be re-directed to the CWL login site.
    Log in using your CWL name and password. You will then be re-directed to the Canvas website.